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Customers visiting Parcel to Australia website can have parcel rate quotes emailed to them. This method allows customers to gain rough estimates of how much it is going to cost sending parcels to Australia. Simply enter your email and you will find a parcel rate quote in no time in your “inbox” located in your email. You will find that online shipping companies can deliver virtually anywhere in Australia while providing customers competitive pricing and professional shipping services in utilizing the numerous modes of transport they have to offer.

Before sending parcels to Australia, customers should perform their research on this wonderful country. Australia is the world’s smallest continent, which is surrounded by numerous islands and is located in the Pacific Ocean. Millions of deliveries are made to Australia yearly.

Before you ship anything to Australia, Parcel to Australia website advises all customers that there are strict rules and regulations to follow. Complete compliance is mandatory with these rules and regulations. Australia not unlike the United States want to keep their citizens and country safe which is why these rules were set in place. Some of these rules and regulations are as follows:


  • Do not pack your parcels with anything other than authorized material. A material such as straw is not authorized. Newspaper is the best bet for wrapping your items inside your parcel boxes.
  • Plants or animal products are not allowed.
  • If sending items such as used footwear, camping equipment or seeds, thoroughly clean them first before packing for freight shipping.
  • Declaration labels must be filled out and placed on parcels. Ensure that all items in the parcel are listed on the declaration form.

The amount of seized items confiscated by the Australian authorities is tremendous. The most confiscated items from freight transport seized are items purchased online. Parcel to Australia website recommends that before purchasing anything online to ship to Australia, ensure that it’s allowed into the country because if it’s confiscated, you will not only have an unhappy person who will not be receiving their parcel but one will realize they wasted their money on purchasing items which were not allowed into the country.

If you are studying abroad at a university in Australia, inform your family and friends to become familiar with the quarantine laws of the country before sending anything to you in a care package. Quarantines aid Australia in protecting their country and the quarantine laws should be respected and adhered to when freight shipping parcels to the country. Parcel to Australia website can answer your family’s questions referencing quarantines utilized in Australia.

Customs utilizes many different techniques in detecting items in parcels that need to be quarantines. There is a slim chance items requiring quarantine will make it past the custom agents with the use of x-rays, sniffing dogs and other techniques, these items simply will not make it through.

The following is a list of items, which cannot be sent to Australia. There are no exceptions:

Meat Products

  • Any variety of meats.
  • Any type of packaged meal, which includes foods such as noodles, and anything, which contains meat.
  • No medicines containing any type of animal materials.
  • No pet food allowed. No pet supplements.

Dairy Products

  • Cheese, butter or milk products.
  • Nothing containing eggs.
  • Any type of food, which contains dairy products (10%) or cake mixes.

Plant Products

  • Vegetable seeds, seeds that cannot be identified in freight shipments and no packaged seeds of any kind.
  • Toys or gifts, which contain any type of seeds.
  • Raw nuts
  • Any type of grains. This includes popcorn and grain cereals.
  • Pine cones.
  • Dried flowers
  • Raw coffee beans
  • Herbs
  • Medicines containing herbs

Parcel to Australia website can advise you on the long list of items which cannot be shipped to Australia. One must ensure that they adhere to the rules and regulations of the Australian government because there can be stiff penalties and fines involved with non-compliance. If the freight shipping company is fined due to your actions, the company will pay the fines and fees involved with the penalty however, you will have to pay back the shipping company. One does not want to run up excess fees due to penalties imposed by the Australian government. Simply pack what you are allowed to pack and leave the unapproved items at home.

As one can see, customers can quickly become frustrated in shipping anything to Australia with the rules and regulations involved. Why not allow Parcel to Australia website handle the frustration for you while you go about other important aspects of your life. Where there are numerous things customers cannot ship in their freight parcels to Australia, there are numerous things that they can send so do not let the long list scare you away from shipping anything to friends and or family members who live there.

Special conditions do apply in accordance with the ICON (Import Conditions Database). Parcel to Australia website from the group company can guide you through this process with ease. Customers are not alone and will not be left out in the cold when shipping parcels to Australia.